LABFA is the acronym for Legal And Businesswomen For Africa

LABFA is a unique association of legal and businesswomen passionate about Africa & focused on capacity building, training and mentoring of professional women working in the continent


Who we are and what we believe

We are a team of focused and passionate lawyers and businesswomen who believe that female professionals of the continent are extremely well placed to have a deep impact in their societies. Our executive team is in charge of the strategy of LABFA, they manage the website and coordinate the regular updates. Our regional teams are crucial in channeling information from their region to our LABFA members and promote capacity building programmes available to them. However, the heart of LABFA relies on our African country leaders, who are talented professional women living in the continent and eager to grow their influence to impact on the social development of their countries.

What we do

MENTORING We mentor professional women living in the continent and help them achieve their development goals by providing them tailored advice and nominating them for capacity building programmes. Our one to one mentoring programme has been extremely successful this year. Nusula Nassuna, one of the LABFA Ugandan leaders, was chosen by the highly selective commonwealth programme to spend three months in a top international law firm in London. Raqiya Yusuf Ibrahim, the LABFA Somali leader, has been selected by the prestigious Archbishop Desdmond Tutu Leadership Institute to attend their leadership course in Johannesburg and London. Marina Bwile from Ethiopia has been selected by the International Lawyers For Africa programme and will spend three months on secondment in London at the end of the year.

CAPACITY BUILDING We share our most important commodities: our time, technical skills and knowledge. We provide free technical and commercial advice to our LABFA members. We circulate technical notes and papers informing our women about key developments. For our lawyers, we have created some basic precedent templates, which are freely available. For two consecutive years, some amazing LABFA ladies have participated in the organisation of a unique arbitration course in Kenya and Tanzania.

NETWORKING Being part of a passionate, active and dynamic network is not only useful to the career development of our LABFA members but a source of inspiration. We are proud of what our members have achieved and want to inspire more women to follow in their tracks. We are in the process of planning our first annual gathering for our leaders and members, so please stay tuned and wait for further announcements.

How to join LABFA?

LABFA is a non-profit association. All professional women interested in joining LABFA are warmly welcomed, provided they adhere to the LABFA charter. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us using our contact page

“If you want something said, ask a man, if you want something done, ask a woman”, Margaret Thatcher.”